She Trusted God to Design a Life She Loved

I was living in a season of big change when I first encountered the LifePlan experience.  We had just moved from Arizona to California as my husband made a major job change, our daughter moved out of the house to start college, and our son was adjusting to a new high school in a new community.

To be honest, I was having trouble embracing my role in this season of change, and I could sense myself becoming clingy and restless as my teenagers were becoming more independent.  I didn’t want to smother my young adult kids, but I wasn’t sure what to grab ahold of as I let go of them.

  • “What are you passionate about?”
  • “What do you want to do with your life?”
  • “What are you good at?”

I felt stuck and unsure, but my LifePlan Guide helped me discover the answers to those questions, and as the LifePlan charts started filling up with words, I was filling up with confidence and finding a way to make a meaningful contribution.

I chose to trust God to design a life I would love.

Now I am a Certified LifePlan Guide.
I get to invite people into a one-on-one experience customized especially for them.
I get to listen to their stories and look for ways to encourage them to live with purpose.
I get to illuminate and celebrate their value.
I get to activate and launch them into a new life adventure.
I get to encourage them to trust God to design a life they will love.
***If you’re curious about what a LifePlan could mean for your life, please email me at

2 thoughts on “She Trusted God to Design a Life She Loved”

  1. So happy to see a new post Rene!

    As a life plan participant, I can say that it really was a great experience to see myself in a different light. It was the way others see me but I actually got to see it for myself! I’ve been patient and God has come thru in ways I thought were only far off dreams! Thank you for helping me see God’s plan for my life in a whole new way!

    You are an amazing life plan guide and I am so thankful for the experience! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved spending time with you, unpacking your story and dreaming about your future! It is awesome to see you living out the life God designed for you!


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