Quarantine Routine

If you’re unexpectedly out of work or out of your normal routine, you may be…

  • experiencing some self-doubt
  • second-guessing yourself
  • feeling insecure

You may even feel like you’re dying inside.

Are the limitations of not being able to do your work sucking the life out of you?

Are you feeling bored?  Confused?  Not sure what to do with yourself?

With everything that you CANNOT do right now, what is ONE GOOD THING you CAN DO that will be life-giving?

Living with Purpose is Life-Giving

This can feel confusing when your purpose usually has a paycheck, but right now that paycheck is on pause.

Remember Your Why

  • why you pursued that position in the first place
  • why you love your job
  • why you get out of bed in the morning
    • Making others feel beautiful
    • Interacting with people
    • Bringing a sense of calm and order
    • Using your hands to be creative
    • Solving problems
    • Educating others
    • Offering hope
    • Building a bridge
    • Writing
    • Leading
    • Managing
    • Organizing
    • Designing

How can you redefine what YOUR WHY looks like within the current limitations?

Even if it doesn’t look like it used to, you will get some life and energy back by living into your purpose.  Just because it doesn’t look the way it used to look doesn’t  mean you’re not crushing it.

At the end of every day, my husband and I ask each other this question:

What’s ONE GOOD THING you did today?

Can I just gently remind you that you are changing the way you live so that others can have a chance to live?

That’s one good thing you did today.

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