About René Clark


Hi, I’m René. I believe that God is writing a beautiful story for each of us, and by getting to know God better, we can understand our own story better.  I also believe that life is hard, and even the hard can be beautiful.  Chasing the beautiful is all about being brave enough to accept and delight in what is now while we long for what is next.

I have been married to Todd Clark for 31 years, and we are still discovering new things about each other.  Our latest venture is leading BlueSky Couples LifePlans and Couples Conferences together.  We love where we live in Huntington Beach, California, and we get excited about exploring new places together.  We are thankful to be doing life with our three young adult kids. Our daughter, Ruby, is married to Cole Kedney, and they serve at a church in the San Fernando Valley.  Our son, Cole, is pursuing his Master’s Degree. And we hardly ever get confused about which Cole we are talking about!

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