About René Clark



Hi, I’m René, and I love encouraging others to find their sweet spot for success:

  • As a Middle School English Teacher, that looked like making learning fun and creating a culture of engagement for my students. 
  • As a Mom, that looked like noticing and naming the unique gifting of each of my kids. 
  • As a LifePlan Guide & Life Coach, that looks like listening to my clients and cultivating clarity to move them forward with confidence.   

I am married to Todd Clark, and his ability to instigate curiosity leads us on all kinds of adventures together: 

  • We got to serve in Youth Ministry together at some incredible churches in Kansas, Indiana & Kentucky
  • We planted a New Church together in Southern California
  • Todd joined the Teaching Team at one of America’s Largest Churches in Arizona
  • Todd now serves Thousands of Churches across America through Slingshot Group 
  • We often get to travel together when Todd teaches at a Large Church in Chicago monthly
  • And now we get to Serve Couples together through BlueSky LifePlan Retreats & Conferences

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