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What is your mindset for 2018?

Choosing a mindset is a personal decision.  Can I share something personal with you?

I have always been an emotionally expressive person.  I experience highs and lows with the best of you!

As a mom I get to watch my kids take big, bold steps toward pursuing their dreams, and my emotions skyrocket with extreme joy!  But then I think about our quiet house and daily life without them around, and my emotions plummet.

I’ve been a full-time mom for nearly 20 years, and as my kids start to need me less,  I often feel like an absolute mess!

One minute I’m wildly cheering them on about the days ahead, and the next minute I’m holding on to the past as if I could hold back the future.



This is why I chose Steadfast as my mindset – hoping it would bring some stability to my emotional ups and downs.

Steadfast: “fixed in direction; firm in purpose, resolution, faith

But what I’ve learned so far is that setting my mind on being steadfast doesn’t mean that my emotions won’t fluctuate.  Or that I won’t be passionate.   I’m super passionate about parenting.  I love my kids a lot.  I’ll probably never be as passionate about anything or anyone as I am about my family.

I get pretty passionate about the friendships of women and how we can choose to celebrate each other or get caught up in comparing and criticizing.

My heart gets all fired up studying the Bible and helping beginners make sense of it all.

I love making people feel welcome, giving them a place to belong.

Dreamers intrigue me.  My brain doesn’t work that way, but I’m an encourager and a listener, and I am passionate about supporting others who have big dreams.

I’m having fun dreaming about what the future looks like as my kids become adults – how our relationship is transitioning into more of a friendship.  Of course I’ll always be their mom, and they will always be my babies, but I’m excited to dream with them and be their biggest encourager.

And that doesn’t have to make me sad.  It’s not like only one person can experience the joy.  Even the person cheering is enjoying the fulfillment of the dream.

  • Just because someone has found their way doesn’t mean that I am lost.
  • Just because someone has their life together doesn’t mean that my life is a mess.

Setting my mind on being steadfast is like an anchor for my soul.

Isaiah 26:3 – “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You.”


  • Wearing this steadfast necklace helps me remember that my sweet friend is praying for me and cheering me on as I take bold steps into the future.
  • Living my LifePlan* helps me remember that every season of my life has purpose.
  • Reading scripture helps me remember that I can trust God no matter how I feel.
  • Trusting God helps me remember that He brings peace when my mindset is steadfast.


*My LifePlan helped me put my passions on paper and understand my purpose.  To learn more about your own LifePlan, check out or send me an email at – I’d love to connect with you!



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  1. You’re an amazing encourager and listener, and I’m blessed to have you in my life, Rene!! Great blog post…thank you for your authenticity!💖

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